• Boyhood in Chesham and Howard Brothers woodware factory

    a biography of Joe Baker, born 1933.

    Joe was brought up in George Street and attended Newtown Infants School, then White Hill Junior Boys, lastly Germain Street. While at Germain Street he remembers collecting rosehips. These were used to make rosehip syrup, an important source of Vitamin C, in the school’s kitchens. Here they cooked the meals for all the Chesham schools. […]

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  • My life until I left school – Maurice Payne

    Maurice Payne, born 1913.

    I was born in Blucher Street. At a very early age we moved to 127 Waterside. My family consisted of Mother, Father and my brother, two years older than me. The cottage was very small; downstairs had just one living room and a small scullery. Upstairs had two bedrooms, my brother and I slept in […]

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  • Hilda Flello: one hundred years in Chesham

    Biography of Hilda Flello

    Hilda was born in 1906, the middle child of seven, to Arthur Edward King and Elizabeth Kate (nee Channer). Arthur and Elizabeth had their first 3 children in Church Street and three further children were born in Alexander Street. Then in 1914 they moved into one of the first council houses in Chesham, in Brockhurst […]

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  • Memories of Chesham in the 1930s and 1940s

    John Reeve

    My happiest days that I remember were from 1936 to 1939. I lived at 8 Market Square, where my father had a furniture and general store, later a men’s outfitters. His father John had come to Chesham from London around 1890 and started a business at 44 Church Street. My bedroom was on the top […]

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  • Ethel May (‘Effie’ / ‘Eff’) Collins (nee Aris).

    Effie Collins

    Effie was born 13th August 1917 at 303 Hivings Hill to William Allen Aris & Louisa Jane, nee Foster. Many years later, around the late 1940s, the house was renumbered 25 Hivings Hill, as the original numbering had been continuous along Bellingdon Road & onto Hivings Hill. William’s great-uncle (his paternal grandmother’s brother) was Lloyd […]

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  • Growing up in Pednor in the 1940s

    Pauline Bates

    Pauline was born in 1936 to Eric Stanley Bates and Jessica Catherine Griffin. Her mother was the daughter of S H Griffin, wholesale brush manufacturer at the Chapel Works in Townfield Yard in Chesham. Her father owned three plots of land in Pednor. He sold two of them and on the third had a bungalow […]

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  • A childhood in Waterside, Chesham in the 1940s

    Pam Bayliss (nee Sale-Thorn)

    It was the May of 1947. There had been a late fall of snow and I was playing in the garden. I looked up and saw a young man in RAF uniform watching me. It was my father. That was my first meeting with him at the age of 5. He had come home after […]

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  • Chesham Cottage hospital

    Eileen King (nee Vango)

    In the early 1940’s I worked as a nurse in Chesham Cottage Hospital. The children’s ward was small and equipped for 5 children. There were 3 medium-sized iron bedsteads and two iron cots with rails all round. At the side of the room was a door into a small room which had one lavatory, a […]

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  • My memories

    Daisy Rose Hunt (nee Puddephatt)

    Year and place of birth I was born 21st June 1920, my name was Daisy Rose Puddephatt and I was born in “The Vale” a very small village just outside Chesham with about 24 houses and one Public House “The Black Horse” which was run by a Mr and Mrs Wakefield whom had three children, […]

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  • Chesham Vale in the twenties and thirties

    Daisy Rose Hunt (nee Puddephatt)

    I was born in 1920, in “The Vale” a very small village just outside Chesham with about 24 houses and one Public House “The Black Horse”. Also in the village we had a small chapel which we would go to every Sunday afternoon. Sunday school teachers would walk from Chesham to teach us. I had […]

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  • Childhood in Bois Moor road

    Christopher Mulkern

    I was born in 1907 in Waterside and in the early months of 1914 we moved from there to a three-bedroomed house in Bois Moor Road. There was no running water at all in the road. All drinking water had to be carried from wells situated at various points along the roadside, where steps led […]

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  • Childhood homes in Bellingdon road

    Alice/Alison Rose (Rosie) Horsnell (nee Culverhouse)

    I was born in 1908 at Mafeking House, 153 Bellingdon Road, which my father, Edward Culverhouse, had built during the Boer War, together with Ladysmith House.  They were so-named because they were finished at the time of the relief of Mafeking and Ladysmith in 1900.  They were semi-detached with three bedrooms, a front room, a […]

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