• Schooldays in the 1940s

    a biography of Reggie Gray

    Reggie was initially sent to Newtown Infants but his mother complained that this was too far for him to walk so instead he started at St Mary’s Church Rooms. Later he transferred to Hinton Baptist where a room was used for infants during the war. Evacuees were taught separately in a room upstairs. When the […]

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  • Townsend Road Junior School

    Pam Bayliss (nee Sale-Thorn)

    At the age of eight, all the children from Waterside, plus those from Newtown Infants, and a few others, transferred to junior school. The boys went to Whitehill Boys, whilst the girls were placed at Townsend Road. In the early 1950’s, our headmistress was Miss Hawkes. Most of the teachers were “Misses” except for my […]

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  • My life until I left school – Maurice Payne

    Maurice Payne, born 1913.

    I was born in Blucher Street. At a very early age we moved to 127 Waterside. My family consisted of Mother, Father and my brother, two years older than me. The cottage was very small; downstairs had just one living room and a small scullery. Upstairs had two bedrooms, my brother and I slept in […]

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  • Whitehill Infants in the 1920s

    Ron Mayne

    The first three rooms were for infants, the far ground floor for the senior girls with Miss Morrison, upstairs the senior boys with Stan Cox as headmaster. I remember when I was seven and the class was asked if anyone would like to fetch a pint of milk from Wilfred White’s every day, in Broad […]

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  • Reynolds brothers school days

    Fred and Bill Reynolds

    Bill (William) Reynolds – School in the 1940s Bill, known as Billy during his childhood, was born in 1938. He started school at the age of four and a half at Waterside Infants. He was living in Wey Lane with his mother and paternal grandmother whilst his father was in the Army. Two evacuees, older […]

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  • Whitehill School in the 1950s

    Jean Overby (nee Godden)

    As a child growing up in Chesham I went to Waterside,Townsend, then off to Whitehill. We wore uniforms with Navy blue undies that also served as our gym shorts. How I hated them. I would slip the liberty bodice off in the outside toilets as soon as I arrived! We had houses and I was in Percival House; […]

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  • Whitehill Girls in the 1950s

    Jenny (Jennifer) Gurnett (nee Parker)

    I lived in Chorleywood, and along with about five other girls I would catch the Aylesbury train to Chalfont, dash under (or over) to the Chesham branch line and thus arrived in Chesham.  Because of the timing of the trains and connections it was always a mad dash along the “backs” – past the brewery […]

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  • School Days

    Harold Raymond (Ray) King

    I started school in 1927 age 5 years. I went to White Hill infants, then in 1930, age 8 years, to White Hill juniors. The headmaster was Mr Stanley Cox. In 1933, age 11 years, I had a long walk to school from Berkhampstead Road, where I was born and where I lived with my […]

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  • A first for Whitehill county secondary school for girls

    Gwyneth Bradley

    During 1956 a new and exciting venture was mentioned and discussed – the idea of a school journey to Holland. This became a reality on Tuesday, 30th April 1957 when a party of 24 girls together with the Deputy Headmistress and a senior teacher left Chesham at 7 am on a grey morning. The visit […]

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  • Waterside infants’ school

    Christopher Mulkern

    I started school at Waterside Infants when I was about four years old. A lady called Miss Geary was the headmistress. I remember her saying “Come along, Christopher”. “My name’s not Christopher, it’s Christie”. She never forgot that. We drew on slates with either chalk or a slate pencil. Art lessons involved drawing in a […]

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  • Chesham Bois Church of England school

    Christopher Mulkern

    In 1914 we moved from Waterside to Bois Moor Road. The area was then in the parish of Chesham Bois and so I had to attend Chesham Bois C of E School. I remember clearly my first day there. As this was a church school, the first lesson naturally was Scripture. The first hymn we […]

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  • Education in the early 20th century

    Alice/Alison Rose (Rosie) Horsnell, nee Culverhouse

    I was born in 1908 to Edward Culverhouse and Alice Mary (nee Chance). I started school at the age of five at Townsend Road Infants School and then at the age of seven I went to Whitehill Girls School. I had an excellent education there. The head teacher, Miss Jane Morrison, was a very strict […]

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