• Shops and provisions

    Kathleen Winifred Flory (nee Webb) 1909-1994

    Sweets Mrs Hobbs was rather like Mrs Tiggywinkle – short and round with greying red hair and a wart on her chin which sported a red hair. Down a step into her little shop – filled to the brim with all kinds of confectionery – toffees and boiled sweets, liquorice ‘laces’ and chocolate bars, from […]

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  • Hilda Flello: one hundred years in Chesham

    Biography of Hilda Flello

    Hilda was born in 1906, the middle child of seven, to Arthur Edward King and Elizabeth Kate (nee Channer). Arthur and Elizabeth had their first 3 children in Church Street and three further children were born in Alexander Street. Then in 1914 they moved into one of the first council houses in Chesham, in Brockhurst […]

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  • Shops in Chesham in the 1940s and 1950s

    Bill Howard

    What is now the fish and chip shop opposite the bottom of Lowndes Avenue used to be a general store owned by Winnie Barnes, a regular stop-off on the way home from school to spend our rationing sweet coupons on sherbet dabs or huge gob-stoppers! These latter would probably be banned on the grounds of […]

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