Museum aims and vision

Museum aims and vision

Chesham Museum’s aims and vision

The main aims of the museum have always been:

  • to establish and maintain a museum for the benefit of the public
  • to advance education by displaying and promoting aspects of the history of Chesham and the people of the town
  • involving the people of the town in history projects

However with the collection housed in storage and without a current permanent home, and still recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the museum is focusing on the development of its web and digital presence so that it can continue to share with our audiences and visitors the stories of Chesham past.

It has not given up on the idea of a new home though! In fact, the trustees are working hard to secure a long term place and space for the Museum to allow it to take its rightful place back in the heart of this community. But that will take time and in the meantime we are building our partnerships, securing funding and growing our supporters.

Crucial to this is the way we continue to offer access to our collections to all our audiences. Through our small permanent display in Chesham Library and The Elgiva; our temporary exhibition, online collections, information panels and pop up displays in key sites around the town, our regular monthly market stall, our downloadable resources for schools and groups and our new programme of walks and talks. Our new website is our Digital Museum.

After three years in storage dreaming of new premises, the Covid-19 pandemic has helped to reframe and focus the Museum’s vision for its sustainable future.  In a world in which communities have turned to digital platforms for their education, employment, information and entertainment, we believe that potentially the most effective future for Chesham Museum is as a digital resource, supplemented by visual displays when possible.

This new website is a space for our communities, visitors, and businesses, to learn, engage and enjoy the rich heritage of the town and the first step back to a permanent home. Our plans and ambition are supported by our Forward Plan 2022-27 which set out our ambition for the next 5 years.