Support us: Legacies and bequests

Specific items

You may wish to donate objects to the museum.  Due to shortage of space we can only accept limited numbers of items.  We are grateful for any items of value but if you consider these should be retained in the Collection please discuss with us first.

We reserve the right to reject items, or to sell items for the benefit of the Museum and its Collection.

Cash gifts

These are of greatest value to the Museum – either a specific cash amount or a share of your estate.
One of our neighbouring museums has been able to acquire its own premises through the generosity of a member leaving a substantial sum in their Will.

As a Charity any bequests to the Museum are free of Inheritance Tax.  If your estate is liable to IHT and you leave at least 10% of the taxable part to charity the tax rate falls from 40% to 36%.

Please contact us for further information on Inheritance Tax, Legacies and Bequests.

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