Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

January 27 is Holocaust Memorial Day and this year’s theme is ‘Ordinary People’

As well as remembering all the victims of the Holocaust we also celebrate the achievements of Dame Stephanie Shirley ( pioneering business woman and philanthropist ) who lived in the Old School House in Chesham Bois for 25 years.

She came to Britain aged five clutching her nine year old sister’s hand as a child refugee from Germany to escape the Nazis. She has an amazing story to tell on her website.

Dame Shirley's ID card
A quote from Dame Shirley
Dame Shirley

A picture depicting the burning of a synagogue while people look on
Holocaust survivor's quote

We would love to reach out to the Jewish community today and ask for any stories from any time period with a Chesham connection to help build up our collection.

Neil Rees is also busy writing an article so any information would be much appreciated. You can contact us using our online form.

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