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The Main Post Office in Chesham was closed by Post Office Counters and leased as a franchise. Unfortunately this didn’t work as the shop which took on the franchise went out of business and Chesham spent something like 18 months without a post office at all.

There were sub post offices situated in Waterside, Broad Street, Berkeley Avenue, Nalders Road, Great Hivings, Vale Road, Botley Road and Lye Green Road which have all closed. There is still a sub post office in Greenway.

Post office, 77 Broadway

Map showing location of post office
Post office, 77 Broadway

The Main Post Office had moved into 77 Broadway (built in the 17th century) in 1903 and continued on these premises until the 1980s. The sorting office was at the side of the building behind the counter and the town’s first telephone exchange was on the premises as well.

Black and white photo of the Post Office. Text below the building says: "The Post Office at 77 High Street. Customers requiring counter service entered the doorway on the right. The rest of the building housed the sorting office and from 1906 onwards the telephone exchange. Today the public side is a vaping shop and the latter part of the building is a public house
The Post Office at 77 Broadway

The premises were refurbished in 1935 and electricity introduced as well as a public telephone booth. The telephone exchange quickly outgrew the facilities and is now housed in a separate building to the rear of No 77. The sorting office moved to its own premises in Howard Road.

In 1990, Post Office Counters announced that because they were unable to upgrade the listed building in which the post office was housed, they were closing it down and hoped to open a sub post office managed by an agency post master somewhere else in the town centre.

The interior of the post office showing two staff, a man and a woman, stood behind a wire barrier. The text on the image says: "The Post Office counter at 77 High Street in 1912. The sorting office can just be glimpsed through the doorway on the right."
The Post Office counter, 1912
Chesham's first telephone exchange. The photo shows two women working at the exchange. They are both seated and wearing headsets. Two men stand either side.
Chesham’s first Telephone Exchange

In 1991, Chiltern District Council accused Post Office Counters of going back on a promise to consult with them before deciding on the site of the new agency post office. This turned out to be a shop called Anytime which was at No 31 High Street (now Costa Coffee). Meanwhile, 77 Broadway was split into two units. One was a shop whilst the other was a public house.

1997 and Post Office Counters sack their post office manager at Anytime due to financial irregularities in his accounts. 1998 and the lease at 31 High Street expires, so Anytime and the post office move over the Christmas break to 69-71 High Street (now the Foodbank).

The post office next surfaces at Rosel Stores, 81 High Street (now W.H.Smith) and it was this establishment which closed down in the 2000s, leaving the post office homeless.

After quite a lengthy period of time when Chesham was forced to rely solely on the sub post office at Greenway for postal services, the main post office is back and currently housed at 93 High Street.

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