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Until we find our new premises we’ve setup home in Chesham Library where we’re displaying a selection of the Museum’s collection for you to enjoy and learn more about the history of our great town.

We’ll be changing the displays from time to time so keep an eye out for what’s new.

You can find out the library opening times and how to get there on their website .

Chesham Museum's previous exhibitions

If you missed our previous exhibitions don't worry–you can view them online. Each exhibition also includes a PDF version that you can download and keep.

17th century clay pipes

Accompanying the Chesham Banknotes display were fragmentary examples of clay tobacco pipes, unearthed during building works in 1969 behind the NatWest Bank building at 13 High Street, Chesham. The smaller pipes have been dated to circa 1640, with a slightly larger example circa 1680. view online →
Banner showing 2 Chesham bank notes

Two examples of early Victorian bank notes issued by the Chesham Bank were on display with background history the bank that opened in Chesham in 1840. The original bank founded by Thomas Butcher was able to issue their own bank notes until it merged with a larger bank in 1900. At this point the practice of issuing their own banknotes ceased. Through further mergers throughout the 20th century, this bank eventually became NatWest, occupying the same site till its closure in 2018. view online →