Bucks Mind Older Adults enjoy Victorian Chesham Childhood objects box.

 We ❤️our partnership with @bucksmind . Their older adults well being group borrowed our objects box on ‘A Victorian Chesham childhood’ and they report – ‘Buckinghamshire Mind Older Adults Wellbeing groups had the pleasure of borrowing the Victorian Box which we all thoroughly enjoyed looking through. Feedback from the group was that it was a varied collection which showed many aspects of Victorian life. The box prompted many discussions and memories and it was really interesting to learn about the history of the items.

In particular, one member remembered using her mother’s pegs to make peg dolls when she was a child. Everyone’s favourite item was the finger stocks!

Older lady sitting with a doll
Older adults wellbeing group flyer
Older lady wearing a hat with a yellow and green object on her lap
Two older ladies using a finger-stock toy from the box
Older lady wearing a beret.
Older lady smiles at the camera
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The Older Adults Wellbeing Group supports people aged 65+ who may be experiencing social isolation, loneliness or mental health problems. For further information please contact lynne.remick@bucksmind.org.uk

To book one of our object boxes for your school or community group take a look at what’s on offer.

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