Ethelbert Golding’s school log book

In 2016, we received a fascinating artifact – the log book of Ethelbert Arthur Clement Golding, Chesham’s revered headmaster of National School in St Mary’s Church Rooms from 1888 to 1912. This 15-year chronicle (1891-1906) provides a glimpse into late Victorian school life, documenting routine inspections, scarlet fever outbreaks and student achievements.

The entries reveal poignant moments, such as the school’s observance of Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, and amusing insights into student absences – from blackberrying to harvesting. Mr. Golding’s legacy extends beyond retirement, honored with a plaque at Germain Street School, a testament to his enduring impact as a “True Friend, an ideal master,” and “a just and generous Christian gentleman.”

Read more on Mr Golding’s logbook in our collection.

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